Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life update in a nutshell

Andy sent one of our supporting partners this little update. I thought he wrote so well, it was a great idea to share with all of you!

"Our second daughter, Rachelle, was born a month ago, and AnnaSophia will be turning 3 in a couple days on Halloween. She is a great little helper with her younger sister, but we are certainly worn out by the end of the day after chasing her and also caring for a newborn. Our ministry to high school students is going well, but the number of students attending has dropped this Fall. That has been hard on morale at times. Much of it is just due to the ebb & flow of upper classmen graduating & having less underclassmen, but some of it is also due to curriculum. I have been trying to lead the students through deeper bible lessons & challenging them to take on spiritual disciplines like sincerely committing to reading the Bible every day. Although I have seen spiritual growth in several students lives because of this, fringe students have become less interested & have stopped coming. It's kind of a Catch 22. It's frustrating to see less faces at our meetings, but it's exciting to be closer to actual discipleship than just ordinary "youth group meetings! -Andy"

I hope you enjoyed! -Robyn

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