Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Growing Joys!

Time is just speeding along!

Rachelle is 5 months old now and watches AnnaSophia any moment she can. AnnaSophia is thrilled to find that her presence is entertaining and calming to Rachelle. At this point in time, AnnaSophia wants to be involved in every thing that Rachelle is doing such as below...
AnnaSophia enjoying Rachelle's play mat/gym with her. The plush bird that played a tune when the ring was pulled was a big hit for both girls---until it wore out from use and only played the first 3 notes of the song!

Rachelle loves her high chair, sitting up with support. She'll play happily with her spinning toys and rattles while I'm cooking in the kitchen or we're eating dinner at the table. She loves to smile at Mommy, Daddy, and AnnaSophia. We are so excited that our newest family member loves family time just like we do!

Recently, AnnaSophia, Rachelle, and I went for a lovely February walk down the street to visit our friends. We had a great time with Chelsea, Eleanor, and Audrey Loftis. We made a delicious salad for the adults and mac and cheese for the girls. Then we went for a walk together. I am so thankful to have such a close friend that lives in our neighborhood. I know God's provided that for me. I'm not great at getting together with people (though I love them), but God makes sure I get some social time by having such a close, in many ways, friend. Our weather in Nebraska has been unseasonably warm, but this is good for the mommy of a busy, energetic preschooler!

Lately we've been enjoying a collection of picture books that also have a cassette tape or CD with narration. AnnaSophia will listen to them for 30 minutes at a time and listen to each book. She's gotten the hang of turning pages with the "page turn signal". :) She decided it would be a good idea to listen/read the book with Rachelle in the pack-n-play one day last week.

I have been back to work after maternity leave now for about 2 1/2 months. Staffing has been tight in my hospital unit, which has led to some late departures after my work days. It's also been more stressful than I expected, but I have found encouragement to persevere through my husband, my parents, and friends. Pray that things will ease up for myself and my coworkers. I really cherish my coworkers and pray that their burden will be eased as well.

Andy has been moving forward with more discipleship opportunities. Just in the last couple weeks, he and the other SV intern, Jake Loftis, have begun meeting weekly on Thursday evenings with 3 young men. They will be doing a book discussion of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Please pray for insight, preparation, and spiritual growth.

Please also pray for us as we continue to adjust in marriage and parenting to two children and the changes that brings to our schedules, home, and relationships.

Praise God with us that we have been relatively healthy this winter season, even with a preschooler and a baby!


  1. Will add these requests to our prayer great to see pictures of the girls and you! Excited to hear more about what comes of Andy and Jake's outreach to those young men...such a need for young men to take up leadership and be witnesses to their peers! Love ya guys,
    Hudson and Kristina

  2. Enjoyed reading this, Robyn, and also enjoyed the time last night (at the Silent Auction) as you updated me on your life now. Will be praying for the things you mentioned then, and also here on this post. Have fun with those sweet little girls!