Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween-AnnaSophia is 2!

Just a few days ago, AnnaSophia turned 2!

We had some fun in the afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese's. The little rides were her favorite!

Then we went trick-or-treating! She was Nemo, complete with her little 'lucky fin' like they say in the movie! :) She would knock on the doors and at each person's house, she had to step in and look around and wanted to play. Of course she thought it was great that someone would come to the door and offer her candy, so she made sure to take 2 handfuls if they let her!

Earlier in the day, she helped me decorate her birthday cake with M&Ms in the shape of a 2. As well as some extras sprinkled on! (It didn't look like a 2 after that).
It was fun to sing Happy Birthday and she blew little tentative puffs at the candles at first. Then, after I told her to blow hard, she gave out a big gust and blew them out one at a time! Yay!

On the SV front

One of our area Student Venture goals this year is to establish an effective discipleship strategy within the Blair High School campus students. Andy has begun leading the students on Monday nights in The Essentials, a discipleship study by Campus Crusade for Christ. We are praying that this study will equip our students to grow deeply in their faith and learn to multiply their faith by sharing the Good News of their faith. Andy has taught a lesson from The Essentials for a couple weeks now.  Please pray that God would use The Essentials and Andy to grow these students in taking the initiative and leadership in their personal spiritual life as well as in reaching their peers for Christ.

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