Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full House at Blair Student Venture

Feeling a draft of cold air graze me over and over again, I kept turning around to see who had left the door open. To my surprise it wasn't teenage negligence at all. The door was opening and closing over and over because people just kept coming in!

Last night 17 teenagers came together to throw Cheetos at each other, take turns at the DJing stereo with their iPods, and process how they can apply what they are learning about spiritual living. All that and a little billiards and pogo-stick jumping too-- we mustn't forget that.

Although Blair Student Venture's attendance levels fluctuate just like any other group, it's been a while since we've seen what used to be 30+ teenagers getting together on a weekly basis. Over a dozen highly active seniors graduated back in May. Although we have many committed students who want to grow in their faith and show love and truth to their peers, it has been difficult this Fall to plug in new students and help the underclassmen step into leadership. I am soooo thankful to many core students for their devotion to God and living honest lives-- It is enthralling to see them choosing wisdom and becoming young men and women of good character and integrity.

Last night our 19 was made up of a couple of the Spring graduates who were back for Thanksgiving break and we had 5 new students, 4 of which who had never been to anything Student Venture related before. it was exciting to see new faces and connect with new souls-- Although , obviously, numbers and attendance are not the most important goal for me or this ministry, it is exciting to see new faces light up when they process God's Word.

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  1. Thanks for starting a Blog. It is a great way for us to follow your ministry.