Monday, March 21, 2011

Helping Mommy!

Today, after I got home from shopping at ALDI, AnnaSophia helped me put away the groceries. She's becoming a big helper. It's amazing all the things she can do with just a little instruction. In fact, she's watching me type this and read it aloud right now.

Here she's helping put away the apples and oranges.

Some other fun and sweet things lately:

1. Hearing her sing "Jesus yuvs me zis I know for bibuwl tows me so" after church yesterday. She's been singing a lot of little songs lately.

2. Her giving hugs to our 'baby'. :) Yes, if you didn't know, we are expecting number 2 baby and AnnaSophia loves to give it a hug every day. :) which means an additional hug for mommy's waist. I love it!

I am realizing that I don't have a lot of profound things to post on this blog (I had been waiting evidently for hours of time and some stupendous thoughts, so no posts since November. :) but I am learning to give myself grace and understand that something ordinary and simple is just as good and wonderful. :)

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  1. Robyn, this was such a sweet post ... I loved reading it. You are right ... the simple, everyday happenings are wonderful ... thanks for sharing! And, congratulations, again, on baby #2 coming!